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Designation- A Biotheque!

I, Stuti, am the author of this blog. I am a 12th grader studying in Kota, India. This blog has a big dream behind it. And before anything, I would tell you why I can write this blog at the first place.

My Olympiad career started in 9th, when I got the opportunity to go to H.B.C.S.E. (the center for Indian Olympiad program conduction) for the International Junior Science Olympiad National Camp. All what follows was done alongside the rigorous academics in Kota, for who know what Kota is like. So, motivated by the scope of Biology in both theory and practicals, in my 10th grade, I tried for and had the honor of being selected in the 4 top flag-bearers of India to the International Biology Olympiad-2017 held in the University of Warwick, U.K. I was the youngest in my team, and grabbed a whooping silver. The next year in 11th, with more efforts, I became the practical exams' as well as theory exams' topper at the National Bio Oly. Camp, and again grabbed a silver in IBO-2018 held in Tehran, Iran. These experiences of meeting the big-shots in Biology from across the globe moved me, and the month following my coming back from IBO this year, I pledged to expand the horizons for more people who loved the subject for its own sake. I wish to spread my enjoyment of the subject to as many as possible.

At the pre-departure camps for IBO in 2017 and 2018, I was introduced to a huge amount of theoretical and practical skills, and my sole motto is to be able to help other aspirants with this knowledge.

Besides international Olympiads, I have received the accolades of being the NTSE scholar, KVPY scholar, and recipient of the National Child Award for Exceptional Achievement in academics by the President of India. I also participated in a short research-oriented project on Maple seeds at the Stanford Summer Institutes program on Biomechanics and Biofluid Dynamics. I have a lot more to tell, but for now, these will suffice to give you enough confidence in me.

This is not for self-praising, but merely for the motivation of what one can do if the "realized niche of one is matched to one's fundamental niche". I pledge to help you realize your potential to contribute to the beauty of this lovely subject of Biology.

Thank you for all your support and I hope that my hopes bear sweet fruits.

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