A Fortnight for Cleanliness by C.B.S.E.


Clean India, Gandhiji's dream and our PM Narendra Modi's mission to widely promote cleanliness in all aspects has lead to this.

This fortnight nicely complements the Biology club's mission of making D.D.P.S. completely free of unattended waste and promoting hygienic practices among students from a tender age to make them responsible citizens. Hence, all our members are actively helping in organizing all the activities of this.

Recognizing the vital role of the schools in spreading the awareness about Swachhata Mission and its implementation across the country, all C.B.S.E. affiliated schools were advised to observe Swachhata Pakhwada from 1st to 15th September, 2018 by organizing the following participatory activities:

 a. Swachhata Shapath Day (1.9.2018) 

b. Swachhata Awareness Day (2.9.2018 to 4.9.2018) 

c. Green School Drive (5.9.2018) 

d. Swachhata Participation Day (6.9.2018) 

e. Hand Wash Day (7.9.2018) 

f. Personal Hygiene Day (8.9.2018)

 g. Community Participation Day (9.9.2018 and 10.9.2018) 

h. Swachhata School Exhibition Day (11.9.2018) 

i. Swachh Water Day (12.9.2018) 

j. Water Harvesting Day (13.9.2018) 

k. Letter Writing Day (14.9.2018) 

l. Prize Distribution Day (15.9.2018) 

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